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Addiction: Habit, Escapism and HYPNOSIS

Addiction is escapism and becomes a powerful habitual cycle with the psychological and physical dependence pushing the “hamster wheel.” How does one get off that wheel? The subconscious mind needs to be engaged to re-program thinking, reactions, behaviors in order to conquer addiction.

If I understand what my client is trying to escape, that’s a good start for the hypnotic process. If that can’t be figured out, hypnosis can still be powerful! The positive suggestions the client agrees on can be “planted” in the subconscious MIND (that place where  our memories and habits live; our automatic behaviors originate) Change can occur.


If my addicted client has  a core belief that he/she is worthless, the issue is a lack of self love. The self talk may be, “I am nothing; I deserve nothing.” If , by some chance, he/she is successful at something in life, it won’t be rooted in the self because a “filter” will keep out those good thoughts. The success will be empty.

It’s as if   what is falsely believed (“I’m useless”) and the good stuff trying to get in has to be bridged. The addiction helps the mind maintain “par for the course” even if it’s devastating to the individual. Hypnosis is the bridge.

The traumas we endure cannot be deleted but the thought about them; the reactions to them ; the patterns of behavior borne from them can be changed by accessing the non- critical subconscious MIND .

When my client is hypnotized and positive suggestions become planted in his/ her subconscious mind, something new and different can occur when the desire to use is triggered.  Healthy behaviors, reactions, thoughts and habits will replace the substance abuse.

Another dynamic thing is making sure my client understands self hypnosis as this will enhance our session and help him/ her apply hypnosis to other problems.

The experience of hypnosis and using self hypnosis to enhance this will create a healthy response to triggers and result in new habits, in efffect, new programming in the mind.

Most incredible is the empowerment my client can have when he/she rises above a debilitating problem by using his/her mind. This leads to motivation to engage in a better life!

If my client has not severely damaged his /her cognitive ability, hypnosis is a viable powerful tool for wellness.

When the recidivism of substance abuse is addressed, one can see that traditional treatment is not always working. If my client is repeating detox/ rehab many times , then the core issue of the substance abuse is not being addressed. What false beliefs are planted in the subconscious mind? What triggers the abuse? What unhealthy programs need to be deleted and replaced?

HYPNOSIS is one possible intervention. Engage the subconscious mind; personalize and create positive suggestions; delete the unhealthy and “download” new thoughts and habits; teach self hypnosis skills and the mind will be re-programmed to catapult a client with addiction into a life that is different and open to inspiration and goodness.



  • Jan Lee

    Psychiatric RN turned Hypnotist. Hypnosis is Mind- Mending. what an incredible way to make life better...

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