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About Hypnozine

Hypnozine KareLOGO-300x300jHypnozine is a Mind & Body magazine which consist of articles related to “Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy Topics, Psychology, Personal Development, Mind, Body, Yoga, Spirituality and General Healthcare”. The authors of the articles are mostly certified hypnotherapists and some are personal empowerment professionals competent in their expertise. Hypnozine has just launched in November, 2015.

Professional Hypnotherapists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Reiki Masters, NLP Masters, Yoga Trainers, Life Coaches, Healthcare Professionals, Medical Doctors, Nutritionists, Trainers and other “Mind & Body” related professionals are welcome to become a writer and publish their original articles in this online magazine. The approved writers’ short biography and contact information they want to reveal under their articles (and their author’s profile) is publicly visible under their articles. The writers are listed in the “Authors’ Directory” within the website. Author applications are welcomed at any time. If you are a health professional or you are an epert in your area, you can still apply as an author. If your application is approved, you can publish your articles in this Mind and body magazine. All authors can give links to their personal website and allowed to announce their seminars or list their services in their profile page.

This website’s mission is to provide unique, trustfull, high quality articles related to human behavior, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, spirituality, yoga, reiki, mind&body, personal empowerment, psychology, which are written by the top experts in their area of expertise. And another mission of this resource is to connect the visitors to the top hypnotherapists, mind & body experts from all arround the world. Visitors can contact the authors directly, to benefit their professional services one on one. Becoming a writer in Hypnozine is free of charge but we are being sellective about accepting author applications, to maintain the quality and reliability of the content. This community will continue to provide its services free of charge. Writer applications are open now so you can register by filling in the registration form in the website. Any experts interested to become a writer in this promising platform can register as an author.