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3 Ways To De-Stress Your Mind and Body

1) Breathe Take a few deep, cleansing breaths (be careful not to do this too fast or aggressively as to not cause yourself to become light-headed). Slowly inhale through your nose or mouth, allow your stomach to become filled with air and gently exhale through your mouth or nose, again whichever …

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This Is Why We Do This Work

Here is a very touching and amazing case history with John Melton and client Todd. Todd came in to see John Melton because he was diagnosed with “General Anxiety Disorder” after he had a big anxiety attack that changed his life. He found himself unable to overcome his anxiety for …

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Here is Why You Shouldn’t Believe All Your Thoughts

Here is why you shouldn't believe all your thoughts, especially negative, depressive and anxiety provoking ones. Know that these emotional states arise from subconscious belief systems. These systems were constructed roughly between birth and 8 years old. The subconscious mind, forms your map of the world, how to avoid pain and create pleasure.

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3 Steps to Overcome Anxiety

“Worrying doesn’t take away tomorrow’s troubles, it takes away today’s peace.” Anxiety is the mental process of worrying, ruminating and catastrophizing future events. In my practice I find many people deaing with anxiety daily, more and more so as we live in a societies in which we work more, sleep …

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