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Oxytocin and Hypnosis: “Quack Like A Duck!”

Once and for all, it looks like we can we conclusively answer the inevitable question that most everyone asks about hypnosis, and that is “Can you make me quack like a duck?” And oxytocin appears to be the hormone responsible for that quacking behavior.

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Utilize Your Dreams

The first stage is often referred to as Wishful Thinking. During it, you simply go over the details that have recently occurred in your life. Dreams from this stage are least likely to be remembered.

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What is NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) ?

Neuro-Linguistic-Programming, NLP is the study of successful thinking that creates the successful behavior. NLP is the teaching of how to use your own brain and mind. Your eyes can not see, your ears can not hear. What happens is that you get all message units from external world and after …

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