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A Look Into The Future

Do we really need a crystal ball to see the future? Maybe, if we want to know the fate of the world, and things related to it such as: Gas prices, War, or the Oscar winner for best picture. However, for ourselves, we probably don’t need one. We will continue getting what we have been getting from now until the ribbon of time completely unravels, if we don’t change anything today.

ftrThere are some things that can’t be changed such as unforeseen illness or accidents, but putting those events aside, if we are honest, we probably can guess with some surprising certainty about how our future will be. To see your future: don’t use a crystal ball, use a mirror.

Start with your mental health. Are you often consumed by the taped loop of impending disaster playing in your head? Many of us are. However, if you have a calm mind, you can ignore the fear, and you will make better decisions. If you want to start creating your future self, you must start in the present. Start working from the inside out. The following exercise will help with releasing some of the anxiety we keep inside so that we don’t sabotage ourselves with bad decisions.

Here is a meditation exercise that you can do right now. Try this:

  • Sit in a chair (or your car, if you do this at work) upright with your feet flat on the floor
  • Let your hands rest on your thighs with the palms down or up.
  • Breathe in deep and then exhale. Don’t hold your breath.
  • Think only of your breath. Imagine it filling you with positive energy. As you exhale imagine that it is releasing all negative energy.
  • To keep your breathing even, try counting to 5 for the inhale and 5 for the exhale
  • Never hold your breath. You should be either exhaling or inhaling
  • Do this for 3-5 minutes a day

After you are done with the exercise, feel the calmness of the present moment and try to stay that way for the rest of the day. Make being calm your new normal. We tend to do what we do most often, so make being calm and relaxed your new habit. You will make better decisions, and shape your future how you want it to be.

How about your physical health and appearance? Are you happy with it? Most people who I know have a negative body image. Do you? What can you do? Start with these steps now:

  • Make a commitment to an exercise program. Start today, and do it at least three times a week. There are many free programs you can find right on YouTube, and you can start with body weight exercises, so don’t need to worry about purchasing equipment.
  • Eat less processed foods
  • Drink more water
  • Don’t weigh yourself. Gauge your progress by how your clothes fit.
  • Take a picture once a week (same day each week) in the morning and see over time the progress you are making

Much of the future is not going to be a surprise if we honestly think about how things are now. We don’t need to view the coming days through a crystal ball, or a reading of cards. The future is revealed in the thoughts and actions of the here and now. If we make a choice for a change instead of more of the same we can make our future the way we want today.


  • Noel Plaugher

    Noel started studying martial arts after being a victim of violent crime in 1990. Noel is a third degree black belt in Kung Fu Shou Shu, and a certified teacher of Xing Yi Chuan. Noel has studied other arts including Aikido, Judo and forms of Qigong. Author of the book "Standing Qigong for Health and Martial Arts - Zhan Zhuang" published by Singing Dragon. Noel lives in Atlanta, Georgia USA where he teaches and writes.

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