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Naomi Wycherley

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I am a Certified Life Coach and Certified Life Purpose Coach. I have been through many challenges in life which brought me to a crossroads of continuing on the same journey filled with low self-esteem, minimal results and minimal happiness or work hard on myself to change my thoughts and live a life of happiness, passion and wellness. I truly enjoy helping and encouraging others to love themselves and live a healthier and fulfilling life in all areas.
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I honestly feel like I have been life coaching since I was a teen.  I was the girl that all my friends called when they were struggling and needed advice.  I have always had a natural ability to see a broader spectrum. Like you, my passion for inner peace and happiness has driven me to work very hard to become an expert at personal development and simply to become more.  I began my personal development journey at a young age and quickly became educated in human experience.


What qualifies me to do what I am doing?  It's real-life, in the trenches experience. I suffered in limbo for many years knowing in my heart that I had something larger to bring to life but imprisoned by a mind riddled with fear and insecurities.  Ego was in control and drove my vessel for years.  I struggled with a contradiction between my soul and my mind and I turned to substances to quieten the storm, taking myself to a whole new level of suffering and despair. This just isn't the case for me any longer.  I made a decision and commitment to figure out HOW to love myself and increase my self-esteem.  This has not been an easy journey, there is no quick fix but it is a beautiful journey.  I have hit moments where my growth became stagnant...heck I still do, but my desire to continue improving my overall wellness is stronger than.  I have turned down the volume on my voice of ego and turned up the volume on my voice of love. I deeply enjoy sharing my experience, strength and hope with others and I am very passionate not only to continue to learn but to teach others how to achieve this level of inner peace and joy and to show others that they have a choice and far more control over their lives and happiness than they ever realized.


I am BLESSED to be a mother!  What a beautiful gift my daughter has been.  She has taught me so much about life and about myself.  I love the outdoors, I love hiking, horseback riding, I love any physical activity.  I am totally committed to loving myself and participating a 360 wellness every single day.


Another aspect of life that I am totally committed to is my love for animals.  Since I was a young girl I felt deeply drawn and connected to animals.  I have two dogs, Foxy and Boss, who totally rock my world!  They are gifts of unconditional love, living in the moment and they light up my life.  I enjoy spending time volunteering in a variety of ways such as fostering or fundraising for an amazing dog rescue L.E.A.S.H. Animal Welfare Society.


My professional vision

I get so fired up about personal development and transforming our lives.  I believe that we are far more powerful than we often give ourselves credit for.  I LOVE helping people accesses and activate their strengths as well as create new ones.  Sometimes we just need a little love, encouragement and guidance from the right person to get there.


My target clientele are women interested in serious improvements in the following areas: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness, healthy relationships both personally and professionally, life/work balance, desire to increase self-esteem and love themselves, break through fears and turn dreams in reality.  If you want to improve in any or all of these areas then let's chat!  I can love you until you love yourself.


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