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8 Common Symptoms You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of

Taking care of your health and noticing changes in your body is very important. Often this helps identify serious illnesses in their early stages. However, there is another side to taking care of yourself – hypochondria. This is a condition when a person constantly looks for “dangerous” symptoms and finds a disease, even if everything is okay.

To dispel at least some of these fears, we have collected the most common symptoms that can occur in every person and are absolutely normal.

1. Chest Pain, Which Is Exacerbated While Breathing

This is a common symptom that can exacerbate because of a body position change or breathing. It can be confused with heartache, but these are different things. Usually, , such sensations arise due to neuralgia, that is, peripheral nerve damage. The pain arises because the nerve root squeezes the muscle and can cramp into the chest or any other part of the body.

The symptom is unpleasant and painful, but you should not be scared. This pain can be caused by muscle strain or rapid movements.  You need to move carefully and stretch your back to remove the muscle spasm.

2. Sharp and Short Muscle Spasm

It is a nervous tick that is associated with nerve irritation. These symptoms occur quite often and can be exacerbated by stress when the nervous system is more sensitive. This is because the nerve responds to irritation and sends impulses to the muscle that responds to them and shrinks. Such a spasm passes quickly after rest.

3. Crunching in the Joints

Crunching in the knees or fingers does not indicate a disorder unless it causes discomfort. But if it is accompanied by pain, for example, when walking, you should consult a doctor to undergo tests and physical or regenerative therapy. Crunching in the joints can even be a certain physiological feature of a person. For example, due to the mismatch of the articular surfaces.

4. Memory Problems

It can happen to everyone when you go into a  room and forget why you came there. Our brain is a complex multitasking system which sometimes may forget certain details to remember something more important. When a person is working on an important project, brainpower is directed to its realization and can skip less serious tasks. This is normal if it happens rarely. If you constantly forget about something, then you should consult a doctor and determine the problem.

5. Temperature Higher Than 98.2°F

The normal temperature of the human body is in the range between 98.2°F and 98.6°F degrees. It may also depend on several factors, such as metabolic rate. Therefore, you should not always focus on 98.2°F. For some people, a  temperature of 98.8°F may be normal due to the features of their body. But sharp changes in the body temperature should alert you to more serious issues. Even if it does not affect your quality of life, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

6. Fast Heartbeat

The average normal heart rate for a person is from 60 to 90 beats per minute. But these numbers are relative as the normal heart rate for each person is different so you should not worry if it is a little more or less than the norm. There is also such a phenomenon as extrasystoles, when the heart during rest or after exercise may have few severe beats. It lasts a few seconds and then everything returns to the norm. This phenomenon can occur in absolutely healthy people.

8. Backache

A slight lower back pain when you move is not actually back pain. It’s just a muscle spasm that often occurs after sitting in one position for a long time.  Such pain often occurs in people who have a sedentary job and a sedentary lifestyle. It is very important to regularly get up or walk every 2-3 hours. This will relieve muscle tension and help to avoid pain. The waistline can also hurt in the morning when a person has been sleeping in an uncomfortable position or has pulled a muscle.


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