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What is Humanist Hypnosis? Differences Between Ericksonian and Humanist Hypnosis

What is Humanist Hypnosis?

Differences Between Ericksonian and Humanist Hypnosis

Humanist Hypnosis, created by the French Hypnotherapist Olivier Lockert, is a type of hypnotherapy. It comes from European psychotherapy and American brief therapy, combined with deep focus on the unconscious.

The hypnotherapist uses a different kind of trance called “opening inductions” (the classic induction has been reversed) and applies the same technique used at the end of a hypnosis session to bring back the person. The client is indeed fully awake and the hypnosis is done while the person experiences an ordinary state of consciousness.

It is also the only type of hypnosis that is applied by unifying the person, instead of dissociating the client.

Therefore the hypnotic trance is lighter, yet with the same signs of trance, however the person does not feel numb, but energized. The hypnotherapist does not apply the traditional tools such as suggestions, subliminal techniques or confusion during the trance.

“There is indeed an ‘altered state of consciousness’ with the possibility of producing all of the known phenomena of Hypnosis but with greater consciousness… Humanist hypnotic inductions allow the person to ‘wipe out’ the gap existing between consciousness and unconsciousness.” Olivier Lockert.

With this expanded consciousness, the person becomes fully aware of the limitations and blockages therefore can describe it to the therapist, who will guide them to transform the symbols or release memories so that they can heal at a deep level.

Thus, the therapist acts as a guide, there is no interference, as the person does not lose control but give the strings to the therapist. The client is active and take charge of his/ her own healing.

This kind of hypnosis allows a very powerful and global impact on the client, not only on the physical and emotional “self” but also on the “higher self” and spiritual plane.

Therefore, Humanist Hypnosis is a therapeutic and coaching technique very much appreciated in the Corporate Workplace and suitable for all people, ages and situations. It is also very effective for rational and logical people who are afraid of letting go.

Applications :

  • – Fears and phobias of all kinds
  • – Unhealthy habits, addictions
  • – Illness
  • – Life path
  • – Soul Healing



  • Florence Depret

    Florence Depret, CHT, MS Certified Hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotists. Certified Master NLP Coach from the NLP Center of NYC.

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