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How to Get Ready for Pregnancy

It’s hard to overestimate the importance of pregnancy planning. Unplanned pregnancy is associated with many risks for both the mother’s and child’s health. In addition, it can ruin all the plans for future that you had before. This is why you should plan everything in advance to exclude unexpected circumstances that can mess with your plans. 

Speaking about such an important life event as pregnancy, it requires not only planning but proper preparation to avoid problems in the future. If you or your partner have some health issues, they should be treated before you start your attempts to conceive a baby. It will be easier and less expensive to treat them now than after your baby is born and you will have less time and money.

When should your preparation start? At its best, your entire life should be healthy and mindful. However, it takes at least three months to get properly prepared to give birth to a healthy baby. Before you start monitoring ovulation and trying different sex positions to get pregnant, you should know more about this period and what you should do during it.

Detect and solve health-related problems

Taking care of your reproductive health isn’t that difficult. All it takes is regular health diagnostics, treating diseases as soon as they’re diagnosed and monitoring your hormones. Your mental health also requires attention because giving birth is great stress that can result in postpartum depression. 

Correct your lifestyle

It’s high time to start eating healthy food, hydrating, getting enough sleep and receive more fresh air. Don’t drink alcohol during this period and try to quit smoking. This concerns both partners. Taking a course of vitamins is a good idea but this should be agreed with your doctor. A lack of vitamins and minerals and their excess are both bad for you, so this appointment should be based on your actual needs determined by diagnostics.

Check your dental health

This may sound surprising but your oral health is important for the health of your future baby. Having cavities or inflammation in your mouth means that there is an infection present in your body. Your baby can be affected by this infection, so don’t start your attempts to get pregnant until all your dental issues are treated.

Don’t start to conceive until you finish your medication course

If you were prescribed any medications, you should finish your course before you conceive. Some medications may affect ovulation, sperm, and pregnancy, so it’s better to have protected sex to avoid unwanted consequences. Even herbs should be treated with cautiousness.

Choose a doctor to monitor your future pregnancy

This is your responsibility to find a good doctor that will take care of you throughout the entire pregnancy. It’s more than just a health specialist. It’s a friend and guardian angel for your family. Your doctor should not only be experienced and qualified, but it’s also a matter of personality. You should feel free to trust this person and not be ashamed to tell them anything that can be important for taking better care of your health.

As soon as you are ready to become parents, you may start planning and trying. Good luck!


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