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Handwriting: A Link to the Subconscious Mind!

handwriting analysisHandwriting is an ideomotor activity that links the mind and body together.  Because of this, things we write down, especially in cursive or script, is one way to access the subconscious mind.  Cursive is more conducive to this as it is more free-flowing and fluid, just like our thoughts.

While thinking positive thoughts and saying affirmations is a great way to help us feel good and reach our goals, it is even stronger if you write them down in cursive, just before you go to bed.  The reason for this is that the closer you write before you fall asleep, the closer you are to the subconscious mind which does its changing, adjusting, and growing as we dream.  So writing before bed is a way to get messages to the subconscious.

handwriting analysis1We an also get messages from the subconscious through handwriting analysis.  Part of my clinical hypnotherapy training included becoming certified in handwriting analysis.  I had no choice in this; it was part of the program.  And to be honest, I was a bit skeptical about the whole idea.  I was, however, willing to give it a chance.

So I started out by asking people I am acquainted with if they would be willing to give me a handwriting sample.  I did not want to use samples of folks that I am really familiar with because I felt I would just find the things I already knew to be true.  I did look at my own writing and my parents’, but I felt that it was not a good indication of what I had learned because it seemed like I already knew these things.

I was rather worried when I typed up my findings and sent them off to my participants.  I asked them to please be honest as I needed to learn from these practice sessions.  The first sample I sent off came back with the response, “This was eerily accurate.”  And later the person told me they read it to their mother who confirmed this assessment.  I grew a bit more confident but still skeptical.  Maybe I had just gotten lucky.

But each report I sent off came back with a similar response.  “WOW WOW WOW is all I can say that was AMAZING! I read it and could not believe how accurate you are.   I then let my husband read it and he said ‘she really knows her stuff she hit the nail right on the head with you.’  Thank you and that again was amazing.”

So I guess there is something to it and as I get more and more into my clinical hours for hypnotherapy, I am finding this to be a useful tool when clients give me a handwriting sample.  I have to say I am glad that I was skeptical about this as I was when I first went for hypnosis myself; it gives me the ability to understand where my clients are coming from and to let them know you don’t have to be convinced, you just have to be open-minded.


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  1. Sarah Anderson

    Indeed, someones handwriting can tell you a lot about them. My handwriting is awful chicken scratch, and I wonder what it would say about me. I should see if there is a person near me that would do it.

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