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Acupressure for Better Health

The human is a remarkably complex creature.  Often, when we’re faced with the misfortune of ill-health, our minds immediately think of doctors and medicine or surgery.  But we’re not only physical beings, we’re also mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic, and we can benefit greatly from taking into consideration all of these aspects of ourselves to receive a well-rounded, more complete healing.

Acupressure is an all-natural, easily done technique that can be very beneficial in easing pain, releasing stress, improving sleep, and a variety of other issues.  It’s uncomplicated, works quickly, and it’s quite relaxing.


Acupressure recognizes the human as an energetic being with a system of energy meridians.  The meridians are much like our veins or our lymph system, except that, instead of transporting something tangible like blood or lymphatic fluid, these energy meridians transport our Qi or energy.  Life flows smoothly when the system flows smoothly, but when there’s a blockage in the system, a problem will manifest in life.  It might be a pain, illness, injury, negative emotion, difficulty focusing, or any number of other problems, including things that seem to be outside, like difficult people or circumstances.

Along the path of these meridians are endpoints which, when pressed with the fingertips for two to three minutes while the person breathes slowly and deeply, will release the blockage, get the good energy flowing again, and begin the healing of whatever the problem is.  With certain issues, you may find that you have to reapply the process over time, but know that you are improving the situation, whatever it is, with each treatment.

For example, if you take your thumb and forefinger and press them gently against your forehead about halfway between your eyebrows and hair-line, above your pupils, you can ease a headache, relieve mental stress, and reduce addictive or habitual behavior.  You can also touch these points when trying to remember something (we often do it naturally, anyway), and you’re more likely to have recall.

Another great point to press is the crease between the nose and top lip.  It balances energy, grounds the sense of self, and makes it easier to focus and take in information.  It’s great for relief of hay fever, dizziness or fainting.  It clears your brain and your nose, alleviates pain, cramps, fainting, dizziness, hay fever, eye twitches and spasms.  Press firmly so the pressure goes into the center of your upper gum.

Using acupressure on a daily basis, and not only when a problem arises, can help to keep your Qi flowing and your life running more smoothly.  Give it a try today!


  • Frances O'Brien, C.Ht.

    Frances O'Brien is a certified hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner with a private and group practice in Tarzana and Van Nuys, CA. She is also an author, teacher and speaker on a variety of natural healing techniques. Her most recent book, "Your Three Clicks: Find Your Natural Healing Technique" is available on her website www.RelieveYourMind.com

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