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5 Steps That Will Take Your From Surviving to Living A Life of Thriving!


When A Life Circumstances feels messy and unbearable, how do you move through it? Freak-out, Run-away, or Welcome it With Open Arms…Here are 5 Steps That Will Take You From Surviving to Living A Life of Thriving!

by Tamara Whatley

Show up for Yourself:

Sometimes life energetically feels as if you are being pulled down by a heavy weight. Remember, you are not your circumstances. Make a pact with yourself to take daily steps toward feeling good. Going to the gym, taking a yoga class, going for a walk, reading a good book, are all ideas of conscious actions steps that can inspire you to feel good. When you show up for yourself in these ways, circumstances have less power; you have created space to perceive things differently; and then you can allow yourself to shift into self-love and appreciation.

Ask for Help & Be Vulnerable:

When in survival mode, vision is narrowed.  If you can allow yourself just a moment of self-mercy and self-appreciation, you can realize that you are not alone in your dilemma.  This is the time to reach out and ask for help. Many of your friends, family members or acquaintances are angels in disguised…reach out, be real, authentic and share your heart.  These are steps toward vulnerability. Being vulnerable is true strength. You’ll be amazed at the gifts that become available to you by revealing your vulnerability.

Go Within:

Sometimes when faced with life dilemmas, the only place to feel calm or safe is the place that resides within you.  Take a break, let yourself off the hook and go within.  Going within, can simply mean taking a walk in nature, sitting with contemplative thought, prayer or meditation. Take the time to go within and simply be with yourself.  Let your souls voice come up and allow any emotions up to be revealed and released. This gives access to seeing the situation differently.

Allow A Perception Shift:

When there is a shift in perception, the circumstance may take on a whole new meaning.  Instead of seeing yourself as a victim of life, you may see how you are truly guided in life and feel empowered to take powerful action steps. Out of the “small self” or “small me” you can shift into the true authentic powerful loving you – the soul you. A shift in perception always changes the circumstance.

Find Gifts in the Mess:

Gratitude is our greatest gift to ourselves and gratitude is our greatest gift to life. It allows us to call forth the beauty of everything, even in that which does not appear to be beautiful. Find the gift in the mess, and you’ll be surprised at what gems are awaiting you.

We are not our circumstances. They can be seen in our lives as an opportunity to grow, an opportunity to move into alignment with our soul desires; and an opportunity of accepting our gifts to help us go forth & thrive!

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Author: Tamara Whatley”


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